The Focused Photographer

Wow, what a year. I picked up my camera every single day in 2016. Some days I struck gold and others it felt like pulling teeth trying to get a photo I was happy with. It was both incredibly gratifying and insanely frustrating. The growth I saw in myself as a photographer was immeasurable and for anyone wanting to push themselves in ways they didn't even know possible, I wholeheartedly recommend a 365 project.  

But now it's time to move on! I desperately wanted a project in 2017 that would continue to push me to be better, but I knew that another 365 project was unreasonable (I mean, I literally have 10s of thousands of photos from 2016 to cull and edit). I wanted to really focus on improving in certain areas and not just try new things willynilly like I did in 2016. That's how The Focused Photographer was born. In 2017, I have decided to dedicate a full month to learning and practicing different types of photography and techniques. No pressure to shoot daily, but just a commitment to myself to focus on the technique for that month and practice it whenever I pick up my camera (while still shooting what and how I normally do, of course).  If you'd like to follow along with this project, I'd love for you to join us as we learn together over on our little corner of Instagram.

JANUARY - get in the frame

FEBRUARY - multiple exposures

MARCH - freelensing

APRIL - video

MAY - prism

JUNE - fisheye/wide angle

JULY - underwater (alternative: reflections)

AUGUST - panning/motion blur

SEPTEMBER - ring of fire

OCTOBER - film

NOVEMBER - lensbaby (alternative: portraits)

DECEMBER - creative editing


Getting In The Frame - He won't always need me to help him wash his hands.

Getting In The Frame - He won't always need me to help him wash his hands.