California Adventures with my Tamron Lenses

Wow.  What a wonderful whirlwind Click Away was.  I’ve been back for a little over a week and have finally had a chance to unpack, unwind, and really reflect on the time I spent with some of my favorite photographers on the planet.  I’m so honored to have had the opportunity to share my love of creative photography with others as well as my obsession with my Tamron lenses.  I’m so lucky to have had them as my sponsor and thought it would be fun to share some images taken with my Tamron 24-70mm 2.8 and 70-200mm 2.8 during my time in California (with my family AND at the conference) and talk a little about why I love these two pieces of glass so much.  

So without further ado, three reasons my Tamron lenses are the bees knees.

Their versatility - These lenses can capture capture amazing images in any situation.  Between the two of them, I can go from shooting wide at 24mm and within a few seconds be shooting at 200mm with all the gorgeous compression a girl could ask for.  My kids take me on all sorts of adventures and I know that with these two lenses in my bag, I’ll be prepared for anything.  Something I value in my work is that each photo is different than the next.  I truly believe that the reason I’m able to acoomplish this is because of the range of focal lengths I have between my two favorite lenses.  


Their sharpness - Plain and simple, my Tamrons produce beautifully sharp images.  This is so important to me, because with everything else to think about when creating images, it takes the worry that the image will be sharp out of the equation.  They rarely miss focus and my images always come out crystal clear. Even in low light, they preform exceptionally well as far as sharpness goes.


Their ability to perform in any situation I throw their way - It’s no secret that I love creative photography.  This often means that I’m shooting in weird situations, through items, in near darkness, etc.  I can always count of these two lenses to pull through for me no matter what crazy situation we’re in. Moving on an amusement park ride, in yucky artificial light, through windows, you name it.  They perform beautifully, not taking forever to find focus which is incredibly important to me since I’m often photography kids who aren’t still for long and are constantly on the move.  


If you’d like more information about Tamron lenses, be sure to visit them at and if you have any questions about the Tamron lenses that I use, please feel free to reach out to me!