The Start of Storytelling: Photography Basics for the Emerging Storyteller

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One on One Mentoring

Looking for a learning program that’s tailored more towards your specific needs? Need help with the creative side of things? Want to learn Lightroom from start to finish? Looking to shoot along side me for a few hours? Whatever your needs may be, we’ll develop a one-on-one mentoring plan that works best for you. This could include one or more of the following: video conferencing, phone calls, in-person meetings, email correspondence. Contact me to set up your mentoring plan!

Shot With Moxie - Click Photo School

For more experienced and advanced photographers, make your way through my e-learning course with Click Photo School at your own pace. You’ll receive an image-rich 100+ page PDF detailing how I photograph my children in their everyday, ordinary adventures while teaching you how to do the same. It includes a shooting video of me capturing images of my boys while I explain what I’m shooting and why, as well as three editing videos plus a bonus camera settings video. You’ll also be encouraged to stretch your creative muscles with three extensive exercises that will have you trying new things and help you grow artistically. Visit to purchase and download now!